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Cielux LUNE LED Color Changing Mood Lamp *FREE* Shipping in US.

Cielux LUNE LED Color Changing Mood Lamp *FREE* Shipping in US.
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LUNE LED Color Changing Mood Lamp

Product Description:

LUNE - Colors for Life The new, intuitive, brilliant LUNE. With dozens of colors, intelligent LED technology and controls, and superb design, it's the best LED mood light yet.

Vibrant Colors for Every Occasion With a tap of the touchpad, the LUNE boasts seven primary colors, two automatic color-fading modes, and adjustable light intensity, giving you choices across the color spectrum to create the right atmosphere for any occasion. Launch yourself into a world of color with yellow on a gray morning, red for a festive party or blue for a relaxing, evening dinner. It is the perfect accent to any household room on any occasion. So go ahead, color your world, only with the LUNE.

Tap into Color with an Intuitive Touch Pad Cielux broke down the complexities of professional-level lighting controls to create a simple, user-friendly touch pad. This patent pending, single touch point control interface results in a simplistic medium that transforms the user's interactions with light and color. Tap the touch pad to turn the unit on, tap again to change colors, press the touch pad to dim any color, hold it longer to turn the unit off, and enjoy the simplicity of the LUNE's interface.

Accentuate Brilliant Design The LUNE was first conceived by our engineers as a mechanism to bring color into your world. As this concept grew, our designers brought forth lines and shapes to bring the product to life. The LUNE's sleek, modern, white ring will complement your home and project each of the lamp's brilliant colors into any room.

The power of Dense Matrix Technology The LUNE harnesses Cielux's innovative Dense Matrix LED technology to produce high-quality light. The Dense Matrix LED compacts the power of several LEDs into a small, singular array, giving you a high-powered, compact, brilliant light with extreme flexibility with only 9 watts. This allows us to create a myriad of colors and extraordinary lighting effects.

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