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Battery for Hovo 700 series (700, 710 Plus, 750, 780 Robot Vacuum Cleaners) and DEIK robotic vacuums

Hovo 700 Series Battery
Hovo 700 Series Battery
Item# hovo-700-series-battery
Availability: Usually ships the next business day

Refer to the photo when you are buying the battery. Check the type that matches your current battery for your robot vacuum cleaner.

You can also check your unit's serial number to know which battery is compatible with your unit. The serial number can be found near or under the dustbin **If your units serial number includes "HOVO780-1709-xxxxxx" or Deik MT820 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, SELECT Type B.
If your Hovo 700 series with serial # Hovo-700-1703-xxxx or serial # Hovo-700-1610 -xxxx - SELECT Type A.

NEW Battery for Infinuvo Hovo 700, 710 Plus, 750, 780 Robot Vacuum Cleaners.

COMPATIBLE MODELS: Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner

-- Works with all Hovo 700 series robot vacuums

-- 14.8V, Type A 2000mAh, Type B 2200 mAh

-- Cell Type: Li-ion

-- Warranty: 6 months