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H Series PowerOn UPS

H Series PowerOn UPS
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Major features of 4000, 6000,8000,and 10KVA models:

  • Outstanding value
  • Sophisticated technology - Intel microprocessor-controlled, fully intelligent double conversion online design with regenerated true sinewave output and no transfer time
  • Pure sinewave output - Full bridge, advanced IGBT inverter technology provides regenerated true sinewave output with less than 3% THD under linear (resistive) load and less than 5% THD under computer (power factor) load
  • High compatibility with most generators due to sophisticated design with dual frequency sensors and advanced PLL (phase loop lock) circuitry
  • Smart overload and short circuit protection for both utility and inverter mode - PowerOn senses short circuits and shuts down the UPS system before the short circuit causes the house breaker to trip (which can cause all types of problems within the entire building facility) and before the short circuit causes more damage to the equipment that is protected by the UPS (which can happen when other UPS brands switch to automatic bypass during short circuit conditions)
  • Tight voltage regulation - Voltage is regulated to 2%!
  • Fully automatic bypass switch - Capable of maintaining 300% of rated current during transfer! Hybrid static switch provides the advantages of fast electronic thyristor and durable electro-mechanical relay. Bypass occurs automatically during overload (after analyzing for temporary high inrush), over-temperature condition, and under- or over-voltage inverter output conditions, and can also can be manually invoked
  • True RS232 Communications - Allows interface with intelligent monitoring software and other network management products, including SNMP and HTTP connectivity products
  • Large format LCD operation window - Makes operation easy!
  • More than three times crest factor
  • Automatic battery test and weak battery indicator
  • Site wiring fault indicator
  • 500% inverter inrush capability
  • Optional cold start (DC start) operation
  • Caster and stop level design for safety and convenience
  • Many configurations available - Call for information about available input and output voltages (120, 208, 240, etc.) or universal input voltage option, selectable frequency or frequency converter options, optional additional battery banks and modularized chargers, and other custom requirements.
  • Terminal block for hard-wiring of input and output
  • Not for use with life-support equipment.