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Metapo Reservoir Mopping Kit for Roomba 500/600 Series Robot Vacuums -- US Orders Only

Metapo Reservoir Mopping Kit for Roomba 500/600 Series Robot Vacuums -- US Orders Only
Item# metapo-reservoir-mopping-kit-for-roomba-500600-series-robot-v500600
Availability: Usually ships the next business day


• Add mopping function to Roomba 500/600 series robot cleaners.

• Great for dry and wet mopping on hard floors (tiles, hardwood, linoleum, etc).

• Full-width, large microfiber cloth provides effective mopping coverage and excellent cleaning result.

• Add water or cleaning solution to water tank before wet mopping.

• 1 mop attachment with water tank and 2 washable microfiber mop cloths included.


This innovative mop attachment kit is great for Roomba 500/600 series users who want to add mopping capability to their Roomba vacuums.

The super large, full-width microfiber cloth (13.5” x 8.0”) provides much larger working area than most mop pads used on other vacuums. It is perfect at picking up pet hairs, dust and dirt without causing damage to the hard floor.

After adding this mop attachment, your Roomba can do both dry mopping and wet mopping with ease. To do wet mopping, just add water (or cleaning solution) to water tank reservoir, and water will be dispensed onto the mop cloth for best mopping result.

It is recommended to run your Roomba in normal vacuum mode first to pick up large debris and excessive dirt from the floor. Then, add this mop attachment and let the Roomba start mopping the floor for you.

To install the mop attachment, just remove 2 small screws on the bottom of your Roomba, and replace them with the 2 screw adapters included. Then, use the 2 included screws to mount the mop attachment to the Roomba.


• 1x mop attachment with water tank

• 2x microfiber mop cloth (1 installed and 1 spare)

• 2x screw adapters and 2x mounting screws.


1. Don’t block the small air vent hole on top of water tank. Otherwise, water will not be able to leave the reservoir tank as designed, and mop cloth will not damp enough to achieve best wet mopping result.

2. Remove this mopping attachment before using the Roomba on carpets.