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Refurbished Infinuvo Hovo 650 Robotic Vacuum with Water Tank for Dry/Wet Mopping (US orders only)

Refurbished Infinuvo Hovo 650 Robotic Vacuum with Water Tank for Dry/Wet Mopping (US orders only)
Item# infinuvo-hovo-650-robotic-vacuum
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Refurbished Infinuvo Hovo 650 Robotic Vacuum with HEPA Filter, UV Light, Home Base, Scheduler, Virtual Blocker, Remote and Water Tank for Dry/Wet Mopping

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Main Features:

* Stronger vacuum power than previous generations

* Water tank with large mopping pad for both dry and wet mopping

* HEPA filter catches fine dust the allergens

* UV light kill dust mites, bacteria and allergens. Great for pet lovers and people with allergies.

* Dual side brushes for better coverage around corners and along the wall

* No roller brush on Hovo 600 series, so it takes less time to maintain

* Dual filtration system with both ultra fine filter and HEPA filter

* Return to home base for re-charging when battery is low

* Spot cleaning mode for clean dirtier area

* Soft bumping

* Set up cleaning schedule up to 7 days a week

* Use remote control to start or stop the cleaning action

* Cliff sensors detect stairs to avoid falling down

* Battery Charging Time: ~3 hours

* Automatically stop and give warning beeping when wheels got stuck

* NiMH Rechargeable battery: 500+ recharging cycles

* Universal Charger: 100~240V, 50/60Hz

* Dimension: 14" x 3.6"

Product Description:

Infinuvo Hovo 650 is the latest addition in Infinuvo Hovo 600 series robot cleaner family.

Comparing with the Hovo 620 model, the new Hovo 650 not only keeps all its nice features (home base, scheduler, virtual blocker, remote control and UV light), but also has a very large mopping accessory with water tank, so it is able to perform both dry mopping and wet mopping more effectively.

If you are tired of removing the hairs tangled on roller brush of older robot cleaners, then Hovo 650 is perfect for you. Hovo 650 eliminates the middle brush, so you do not need to spend a lot of time cleaning roller brush anymore. The vacuum entry on Hovo 650 is wider, so hairs and debris can be easily sucked up and collected into dustbin.

Hovo 650 is equipped with advanced dual-filtration system. It uses both a fine filter and a HEPA filter to catch fine dust and allergens, so the air in your home is fresher. The UV light on Hovo 650 helps to kill bacteria, germs and allergens on your floor, so it is a great choice for pet owners or people with allergies.

When battery is low, it will return to home base for re-charging. Hovo 650 can detect home base from up to 15 ft away. In case you have a large room or complicated room layout, please allow more time for it to move into the signal range of home base.

Users can set up their own cleaning schedule, so the Hovo 650 can start cleaning automatically according to the preset schedule. When Hovo 650 moves closer to an obstacle, it will either avoid the direct impact or slow down for soft bumping, so it won't cause damage to furniture. With its low profile design, Hovo 650 can go underneath bed and other hard-to-reach place to clean dirt, dust and pet hairs. Its cliff sensors will detect stairs, so it will not fall down stairs.

Hovo 650 works best on hardwood, linoleum and tile floors. It is not recommended to use it on long-pile carpets.

* Refurbished product is covered by 30-day money back guarantee and 90 day manufacturer warranty for US customers.

Package Contents:

* Refurbished Hovo 650 robot vacuum

* Water Tank and Large Mopping Pad

* Home Charging Base and Rechargeable Battery

* Remote Control

* Battery Charger (AC adapter)

* Virtual Blocker

* Dust Bin

* User Manual


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* 90 day warranty for US customers.

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